Attention Marketing Sp.
z o.o. starts operations. The new brand positions itself as a consulting firm
supporting Clients in marketing, communication and sales departments. Its
unique model of operations is a combination of consulting and a strong research
department as well as a foundation.

“Attention Marketing is an art of attention management. Our role with the
Clients is to facilitate and manage complex projects combining business and
communication,” explains Adam Sanocki, Managing
Partner in Attention Marketing Sp. z o.o.
“We are involved in creating the
company’s development strategy and manage the Client’s relations with the
surrounding environment. On a daily basis we intensely work with the worlds of
business, government institutions and non-governmental organisations. This threefold
expertise, along with communication competence and knowledge of the media
world, is what makes us stand out,” adds
Adam Sanocki

Within its unique model, Attention
Marketing operates three brands:

Attention Marketing Consulting specialises in business and communication advisory and in improvement of
key indicators related to the clients’ image and sales.

Attention Marketing Research provides top-quality content in the form of surveys, reports and market
analyses used for communication and sale activities, combining know-how and
experience of Attention Marketing consultants and market researchers from PMR
Consulting & Research. The head of the research team is Marcin Rzepka (Partner in PMR

The Attention Marketing Institute
foundation promotes “the good side of marketing” and ethical activity of the
business, which is to solve people’s problems and not generate artificial
needs. The goal of the Foundation is also to regularly prepare recommendations
for companies, institutions and NGOs on the basis of current trends in the
fields of marketing, communication and sales.

Attention Marketing officially starts operations with a rich portfolio of
clients. They include Adecco Poland, AdValue, BZ WBK Leasing, BMG Adwokaci, Comp
S.A. Creotech Instruments S.A. Modis Polska, Spring Professional and the Polish
Asphalt Pavement Association (PSWNA). The firm also carries out projects and
provides training to companies and NGOs. As it is developing, Attention
Marketing is now conducting a recruitment process to fill up several managerial
and assistant positions.


Holistic Approach

The range of services provided by Attention Marketing is wide and defined
by business objectives of its clients rather than specific products and tools.  

“Each Client, whether a consumer or manager seeking a contractor, is first
of all a conscious individual participating in the process of communication. This
is why among our Clients we promote the business-to-human model (B2H), where
the Client is an individual and the Client’s needs matter most,” says Dawid Michnik, Partner in Attention Marketing Sp. z o.o.

An experienced team of Attention Marketing Consulting specialists build
communication strategies based on positive narratives and skilfully combine
their knowledge of management, R&D, sale, marketing, PR and IT with
practical experience in running strategic projects.

“Such a holistic approach to problem solving and fulfilling the needs of
Clients makes Attention Marketing consultants trustworthy partners for the managers
who are responsible for companies’ most important processes and projects,” adds Dawid Michnik.


Valuable content is needed…
and really supports sales

According to Attention Marketing’s philosophy, when the content is valuable
and attractive, it becomes needed. Therefore, the company founders want to
focus on the quality of the professional content created for the Clients, so
that it addresses the actual problems and needs of their customers.

“Such an approach helps create materials which build awareness and value of
a brand and strengthen the brand’s relations with its surrounding environment,
which later translates into sales figures,” says Maciej Sokołowski, Partner in Attention Marketing Sp. z o.o. “Our mission, but also our
value, is to combine many years of strategic and communication consulting experience
and a wide range of market research for numerous business sectors and segments.
The method of Attention Marketing allows constructing research tools in a way
that they are used as much as possible at the level of building business
strategy and development, creation of new products and services, accomplishment
of communication projects, including those that build and support sales,” explains Maciej Sokołowski.

Attention Marketing consultants, together with PMR researchers, design and
create dedicated products that combine benefits gained from research conducted
within communication and sales projects. Beneficiaries of the surveys conducted
by Attention Marketing Research include management boards of companies and
companies’ all strategic departments such as R&D, sales, marketing and PR.


Marketing Institute – mission and education as components of the business model

The founders of Attention Marketing are convinced that
growing consumer awareness is forcing manufacturers and brands to deeply and
truly commit themselves to building their businesses focusing on satisfying
real needs and solving true problems as well as to society-oriented activity.

The Foundation’s primary purposes also include
preparation of regular recommendations of actions for companies, institutions
and NGOs grounded on world’s current marketing, communication and sale trends.

“The role of the Foundation is to popularise Attention
Marketing’s guiding ideas founded on ethical behaviours in business which
solves people’s problems and not generates artificial needs,” explains Adam Sanocki, who – on a voluntary
basis – is  involved in several NGOs and is
the president of
Attention Marketing Institute. “We will also be conducting research, cultural and educational projects”.

The foundation offers
a wide spectrum of training services designed for companies, universities, NGOs
and other institutions interested in the changes occurring in today’s world, in
the field of media and communication activities related to marketing, PR and